Thursday, March 02, 2006

There Once Was A God Named Chipotle

Got that people? It's Chi-POAT-LAY, NOT Chi-POL-TAY. The "l" is clearly marked AFTER the "t," and I think that a Mexican restaurant with a 99% gluten-free menu deserves to be pronounced correctly. You heard it here folks, almost EVERYTHING is gluten-free. Can you believe it? It's 1) a chain restaurant 2) delicious and 3) reasonabley priced...Am I the only Celiac who feels like she just found an oasis in a glutenous desert? Everything at Chi-poat-lay is gluten-free except for the whole wheat burrito tortillas, the whole wheat soft taco shells, the hot red tomatillo salsa and the vinagrette for the salad (the latter two have vinegar...debatable). But still, who needs dressing when you've got sour cream and guac. Today I had the chicken burrito salad with black beans, cheese, and guacamole and I felt really good afterwards, although I'm still working off yesterday's Whole Foods disaster. I swear that salad bar is contaminated! The Indian tofu doesn't have any glutenous ingredients yet I always get sick from it - what's lurking in there!?! Take my advice and stay away. Anyway, go crazy at Chipotle and enjoy the freedom, but always be mindful of cross contamination (they seem to have it under control).
PS. I started crying at Whole Foods when they piped in U2's "One" over the loud speakers. I'm about to DJ that song right now because I think it is the most beautiful and messed up love song ever written.


Blogger maitresse said...

ha! I've been pronouncing it "chi-PO-tull" all this time. guess people have been laughing at me behind my back!

more messed up love song recommendations, please!

12:30 PM  

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