Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Spank Me Pink

haha, this is super cute:

You are

And the good news is (aside from being Spank Me Pink), I DON'T have celiac! YAY!!! I can eat everything in the whole world, and believe me, I will.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Mrs. Hayley Gandolfini

Mmm...that has such a nice ring to it. Thank god Tony came out of the coma. I don't think I could handle it if he had died. My Tony...a mafia boss who loves Mallard ducks......I've been stuck on my couch for 5 days with the worst case of the flu that i've ever had so my life is just orange juice, tissues, and TV. Right now I'm watching an Oprah rerun with Sarah Jessica Parker who's promoting her perfume, "Lovely." Ok, so I love Oprah. I think she brings a lot of open-minded ideas to middle America, and she's also a strong, educated woman. That being said, her audience members are a bit over the top. SJP announced that she'd be giving away a bottle of her perfume to every audience member and they screamed so loud you would have though she said that she was giving each of them a million dollars. They screamed so loud that SJP uncontrollably kicked her Manolos off. It sounded room full of shrieking hyenas - scary shit man. I started cracking up cause I kept thinking of the Oprah SNL skit where the audience members get down on their knees and start bowing and praising the lord. The real thing was actually worse. Do they give these people hits of crystal meth before each taping? Ok, back to my Sopranos DVDs...I love my Tony.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

There Once Was A God Named Chipotle

Got that people? It's Chi-POAT-LAY, NOT Chi-POL-TAY. The "l" is clearly marked AFTER the "t," and I think that a Mexican restaurant with a 99% gluten-free menu deserves to be pronounced correctly. You heard it here folks, almost EVERYTHING is gluten-free. Can you believe it? It's 1) a chain restaurant 2) delicious and 3) reasonabley priced...Am I the only Celiac who feels like she just found an oasis in a glutenous desert? Everything at Chi-poat-lay is gluten-free except for the whole wheat burrito tortillas, the whole wheat soft taco shells, the hot red tomatillo salsa and the vinagrette for the salad (the latter two have vinegar...debatable). But still, who needs dressing when you've got sour cream and guac. Today I had the chicken burrito salad with black beans, cheese, and guacamole and I felt really good afterwards, although I'm still working off yesterday's Whole Foods disaster. I swear that salad bar is contaminated! The Indian tofu doesn't have any glutenous ingredients yet I always get sick from it - what's lurking in there!?! Take my advice and stay away. Anyway, go crazy at Chipotle and enjoy the freedom, but always be mindful of cross contamination (they seem to have it under control).
PS. I started crying at Whole Foods when they piped in U2's "One" over the loud speakers. I'm about to DJ that song right now because I think it is the most beautiful and messed up love song ever written.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Just like Whole Foods Says, "Celebrate Your Options"

...Your options to eat yummy energy bars and splurge on Indian food in the East Village. I REALLY miss my 110 calorie Pria bars from back in the gluten-ingesting day. Thank god I was alerted to Clif's Nectar bars. These portable delights are made with 5 or less ingredients, packed with fiber, and deeeee-lish. I love the lemon, cashew & vanilla bar when I'm feeling fruity (perhaps after a Broadway show?) and the dark chocolate & walnut bar when I'm PMS-ing. I always stash a Clif Nectar bar in my bag just in case I wind up stranded in a sea of gluten.

On a *very* happy note, I ordered a FABULOUS meal from Mitali (334 E. 6th St. btw 1st and 2nd ave). I was hanging out with my sister and her boyfriend watching trashy TV on VH1 (alright it was Flavor of Love), and we decided to order some Indian food. MMMMMmmmmm....Thank god Indian is usually Celiac friendly, but you never know what goes on in the kitchen. I got the chicken tandoori and it was so good. The basmati rice was as saffron-y and addictive as usual, and the portions were very generous. I topped things off with a bag of plain M & Ms that were nestled in the fridge...bliss. For one evening I actually felt like a normal person getting take-out. Now I cannot say for sure that this meal was 100% gluten free because I don't know what ingredients they used exactly, but I felt great afterwards, and I'm very gluten sensitive.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Yes Please

Thank the LORD Bode Miller is Gluten-Free.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Daily News

What I'm eating today: Van's Wheat-Free/Gluten-Free Waffels

Why: These light, crispy, scrumptious, low-cal waffels are so delicious that I would eat them even if I didn't have Celiac. I find that the most difficult food group to replace on a gluten-free diet is snack food. Grab-n-Go snacks can be hard to find, but Van's Waffels are fast and easy** I like to pop one or two into the toaster and cover them with Smuckers Strawberry Preserves Light and Reddi-Whip. A fellow Wash Uer and Celiac chica, Stefi K., recommends smothering them in peanut butter and bananas for a decadent, protein-packed breakfast. Ooohh I feel so naughty! Look for Gluten-Free Vans in original or blueberry flavors at your local Whole Foods. For you New Yorkers, they can be ordered from Fresh Direct.

** just like your mom

What I'm listening to today: The Rolling Stones "Out of Our Heads" (American Version)

Why: Ugh, WHY NOT. This album is hands-down my favorite Stones album of all time. It has the perfect mix of classic Stones tunes (Play with Fire, The Last Time, Satisfaction) and awesome soul/r&b/blues covers (Cry to Me, Good Times, That's How Strong my Love is), all infused with dripping Jagger sexuality. Yum. You should download it immediately for 81 cents at Just make sure you don't download the UK version.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

New Format

Alright everyone, I'm back. I'm going to change the format a little bit...Because I have Celiac (, and it is such a prominent factor in my life right now, I'm going to blog about all things gluten-free, and of course, music. FYI if you're wondering about the picture above, this is what I feel like when I ingest gluten. Looks fun, right? Also, I don't know if any of you are aware of This website sells songs for 12 cents, it has a bigger selection than iTunes, and it is TOTALLY legit.

Right now, the ten songs I am addicted to spinning are (in no particular order...) If you make this a playlist on your iPod, I can guarantee that you will be bopping down the street.

1. Rock The Cradle of Love - Billy Idol

2. One Minute Man - Missy Elliot

3. A Little Respect - Erasure

4. Don't You Want Me Baby - Human League

5. Secret - Madonna

6. Mouth - Merril Bainbridge

7. Groove is in the Heart - Dee-lite

8. Oops (Oh My) - Tweet & Missy Elliot (this song is sooooo hot...)

9. Killing Me Softly - The Fugees

10. Bizarre Love Triange - New Order

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